Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wanna know what pisses me off?

Spammers who post comments on blogs and web albums. I don't moderate comments because I always hope for the best from people. But as for the jerk who felt a need to advertise his shit on my blog...........well, obviously his mama didn't teach him manners, bless his heart.

It's not like I can't ignore assholes like that, but I don't like to have trash laying around when visitors pop in. If you're reading this, I consider you to be a guest my little corner of the web and I certainly don't want you to have to walk around someone else's garbage while you're here. I feel the same way about my website which is why I have my own domain and there is not one single, solitary bit of advertising, tracking cookies, spyware or other internet nasties there. Personally, I like knowing that there are a few places on the web where people can be comfortable and not have to deal with annoyances. Part of the reason we love miniatures is because we have our own little world with none of the rude intrusions of the real world. I think our little on-line mini sanctuaries should be the same.

Well, that was quite the little rant wasn't it! LOL! Obviously this is something I feel strongly about. Unfortunately, now I'm going to have to moderate comments to my blog and I hate doing that. It makes me feel like I'm being controlling when I have to approve what is normally happy chit-chat. I like it much better when we can just talk about things without all this security.

Anyway, enough of that. I've emerged from the studio long enough to check email and as long as I'm here, I'll update a little bit about what I've been doing that kept me quiet for so long. The dressing for the French Chateau is on its way to its new home and it all came out really pretty. I dressed a bed, a crib and a chaise lounge and did drapes and curtains for 12 windows. I'll find the time to post eye candy here soon, but in the meantime, you can see pictures of it all here. The old world italian house is almost done too. In fact, I'm going to be starting on the landscaping tomorrow so we're in the home stretch on that one. I have one more custom order on the waiting list after the italian house is done, but it's a small one so it won't be long before I'm back here rambling on and on about nothing in particular.

Right now I need to get the paint out from under my fingernails and go get some sleep. I'll be back with lots of eye candy soon!


  1. Urgh :( Just think of it this way: you'll never miss a comment. I like seeing a nice email with a lovely comment attached, it has a button right in the email to publish so they do make it painless.

  2. Boy I hear ya Deb... it is just plain RUDE of some people to take advantage like that...
    A POX upon them all.....

    Love Your Blog

    Hugs for a great week


  3. Deb, I hear you girl! It's rotten when one person ruins the whole thing for everyone else . . . ah, such is life!

    I still love your blog and I'll still visit . . . even if you are being a bit controlling! LOL!!

    Big Hugs,

  4. I think it happens to all of us from time to time. But I totally agree that it's just plain rude. And the funny thing is, who'd buy stuff from someone who spams like that anyway? How effective can that really be?