Friday, July 31, 2009

Just put that chair over here.......and the table goes there......

The moving men have finally left and I've been happily arranging and rearranging the new furniture in the Pierce. Lady Pierce and I are both so happy! Her new furniture is beautiful and it looks just as nice in the house as it did in our design book.

I heard recently that I talk a lot in my blog but I'm short on eye candy, so let's remedy that today and show some pictures of the Pierce with her new furniture. The redecorating isn't finished yet. I still need to redo the windows in every room with new drapes and the dining room isn't completed yet either so we'll consider this to be "in progress" and I'll update pictures when it's all done.

This is the exterior of the Pierce. The colors don't photograph true but her exterior is a soft, creamy ivory with slate green trim and mauve accents. Those are peacocks that you see perching on the roof. The landscaping includes a tree on the back side and flower borders around the front. There's a very pretty arrangement in a birdcage under the kitchen window.

This is the latest picture of the interior of the Pierce. Some things haven't changed at all. I'd finished the kitchen, bathroom and music room quite awhile back so there haven't been any changes to those rooms. They'll be getting new drapes but that's about the only change in store for them.

The attic had been kind of a hodge-podge of things that just hadn't found a home anywhere else. I'd planned on eventually turning it into some kind of logical space and still hadn't decided about it when I heard a voice coming from two doors down. It was Aunt Harriet (aka Jadis) who lives in the Beacon Hill. She'd seen all the activity going on down the street and as soon as she noticed that there was all that unused space in the attic.........well, she had her stuff packed quicker than you can say "frog in a basket"! Aunt Harriet brought along her sewing machines, fabric and baskets, her easel and painting supplies, her worktable with the dollhouse in progress, her finished dollhouse and her embroidery. She was delighted to find a quilting frame already in the attic and claimed it for her own. The picture doesn't include Aunt Harriet because she was off investigating the tower room and where she's going to put her rocking chair and a bookcase. We still need to arrange her studio a little better, but she's delighted to have such a large space for creating.

The bedroom has come along very nicely with the new bed and furniture. One of those little things that tickles me so much is finding a little calico cat figurine to sit on the floor beside the vanity. I'm still searching for a gingham dog to go with it.

You can see almost the whole room from this angle and I love looking at it. This was taken before I got the new pitcher and basin but it's still a pretty picture. Behind the armoire and in front of the window is a dress form with Lady Pierce's victorian wedding gown.

The dining room has just begun but I'm liking the way it's shaping up already. I need to get some pictures on the walls thru the whole house, but the dining room wall especially needs a large framed painting. I'll be adding swag drapes to the arched alcove and making a fringed scarf for the sideboard and matching linen for the table. I finally found the silver flatware but still haven't located the crystal stemware so the table setting isn't complete. I love the sideboard with the tea set and candles almost as much as the corner shelf that holds the serving dishes. The Normandy shelf on the side probably isn't intended to hold serving platters, but I like it that way.

The living room is my favorite room of all and for good reason. I searched and searched till I found matching lion leg furniture for the whole room. I LOVE ball and claw! My real life living room furniture is also lion leg and finding it in miniature delights me. Anyway, here we see the plant stand by the front door, the console and mirror and the secretary desk in the bay alcove. I'll be reupholstering the chair the same time I replace the drapes. I need to add a few more things to the desk but right now it has a letter holder, brass bookends and a favorite book, a lovely little lamp, stationery and a silver tray holding the calling cards of recent visitors. Just to the right of this picture is the new corner fireplace with a gothic clock and two urns on the mantle. I really like the corner fireplace as a space saver as well as the way it adds character to the room. It has a brass peacock fire screen too.

To the side you can see the brass birdcage and the grandfather clock by the front door. (the clock will be replaced too as soon as I find a working one that I like) The table arrangement here is one of my favorites. In additon to the lovely and delicate hurricane lamp, there's a delightful low flower arrangement and a stereoscope. The stereoscope is one of my favorite minis because it's so unique. I also got a gramaphone to sit on this table but it turned out to be just a little too large. That's a shame because it is *SO* cool! It's detailed to perfection! Since I'd just gotten a gorgeous cane and bentwood chaise lounge, I put the gramaphone next to it in the spare room in the Beacon Hill. Both will be moving to the Tennyson when I get it built.

Here's a picture of the whole living room. Isn't it great! I'm really proud of the way this room has come together and whenever I have some time to relax, I find myself sitting on my real life loveseat where I have the perfect view of this room. It makes me happy just to look at it.

There are more pictures of the Pierce in the 1:12 scale dollhouse gallery on my website, that were taken before the redecorating began. I won't update the pictures there until I've finished the redecorating completely.
I just realized how long it's been since I posted here. I've been working on two custom is building a house and the other is custom furniture and window dressings for another house. They are two totally different styles so it's fun to exercise my diversity between old world Italian and provencial French. I've had my embroidery needles out and just got some new silk ribbons and some gorgeous silk fabrics that I'm using in the dressings. I'll show pictures of those when they're completed but I have to say that I'm very happy with the French bed and crib I'm working on.
I'm babysitting my husband this afternoon so it seemed a good time to catch up while I watch him sleep in his recliner. He had an endoscopy this morning and they really knocked him out for it. Napoleon is concerned about Dad and he's hovering close by to keep an eye on him too.
There will be lots more eye candy coming soon as well as me talking a lot. LOL! Seems like I have lots to catch up on when it comes to sharing like some new releases of laser cut kits from Greenleaf (the Beaumont is back and better than ever!!!!!) and some interesing ideas about miniature interior design........and maybe a rant or two about a copycat who is not only using my dressed bed designs but is also copying my text descriptions from Etsy and my website almost to the letter. I know that one of the pitfalls artisans face is having their creative ideas stolen by lesser life forms but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.
I'm off to go embroider some tiny little silk butterflies onto a baby blanket now. Hope everyone is having a fabulous mini day!


  1. Hi Deb, please thank the person who complained about the eye candy for me. These pictures are great!

  2. Hey Deb! As always, the Pierce is looking fantastic! You have such a way with decorating and I love all the little details. Can't wait to see what you do with drapes!

    Hope Bruce is feeling better . . .

    That Old World Italian house wouldn't be mine . . . would it? LOL!! Hope he's not keeping you up at night!

    Big Hugs,