Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thatching is quieter

I thatch a lot of roofs because I love the way it looks and I love how much fun it is. My Emerald Faerie Cottage and the Samurai's Summer House both have thatched roofs. So does the Wizard's house. I've done quite a few quarter scale fairy houses with thatched roofs too. There's something about combing hair on a dollhouse that appeals to my sense of humor. The end result always comes out looking perfect and I like it when that happens.
Today I discovered another perk to thatched roofs. They're a lot quieter than shingles.
My hubby works a late shift so we go to bed around 4am. This morning, at 7am, less than three hours after I'd gone to sleep, there was a horrendous banging and crashing on the roof and then a gawd awful screeching noise started. I looked at Bruce and we both said, "They're heeeeeere".
It had to be done. The hail storms this year were pretty bad and after the snow storms of winter before last, the roof really, really needed to be re-shingled. Unfortunately even if we could find roofers that worked from 3 to midnight it's doubtful the neighbors would appreciate it. (Probably about as much as I appreciate the sound of their tree trimmers at 8am) We knew that they were going to show up but being armed with that information didn't make it any easier to wake up to that racket in the middle of our night.
Poor Napoleon was traumatized. He refused to go upstairs at all. I had to bring his food down to the family room so he could eat today. He wasn't sure what was outside, but he was positive that it was deadly.
For a little while I was thinking the same thing. To an insomniac like me, getting woke up when I actually *am* sleeping is difficult enough but the noise of the scraping and pounding and thumping stretched my last nerve to the breaking point. For about two minutes, I seriously considered rounding up all the fake fur I have in the house, grabbing some varnish and a couple of combs and heading outside to show those guys how to thatch a roof. Seriously, they could wear fuzzy bunny slippers and walk on tip toes while they put soft and quiet fake fur on my roof.
Next time I'll suggest that and see what they think.

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