Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's getting crowded in here


I've been told it's a strange thing to do, but I've always given names to various aspects of my personality.  I don't have a split personality and I don't have clinically diagnosed multiple personalities.......I simply understand that my personality is very diverse and eclectic and I embrace every part of it as a unique individual.

Even as a child I knew that it wasn't a good idea to tell other people about this little habit of mine so I didn't mention things like Herbie (who likes to give human characteristics to inanimate objects).   It's not like I had imaginary friends either.  I suffer from excessive contact with reality which makes it impossible to have imaginary friends. However, I do have a rather bizarre sense of humor and it amuses me to isolate different personality traits and give them names.

Herbie was around a lot when I was a kid and even tho he makes fewer public appearances, he's still very much a part of me.  I think the funniest thing that Herbie ever did was when I was in high school and he took to carrying around a rubber worm in our pocket.  He swore that the worm was alive and had a passion for lettuce and mayo sandwiches.  {pausing to think back}  The rubber worm was stolen by a guy I was dating and I've never figured out if he did it because he wanted a souvenir or if the whole thing was just creeping him out.  {shrug}  Doesn't matter because he didn't last much longer than a lettuce sandwich at a July picnic.  I've never had much tolerance for people who are critical of my whimsy.

But anyway, Herbie is still a vital part of my personality even if he's not as public about it these days.  I still talk to inanimate objects and still bestow human traits on some of them.  It's a handy way to feel for someone who builds builds dollhouses for a living.  Yep, it could even be considered as part of my job description.

{grinning} My favorite was always Trixie.  Ah, Trixie and I had some really good times together.  Trixie is part of my fashion-personality and, well, to put it bluntly, Trixie is *such* a slut.  Going shopping with Trixie was always a hoot!  I can look back at pictures of myself and think, "Yep, that was a Trixie outfit for sure".    She bought things like hoop earrings the size of bracelets, and hip hugger jeans with body shirts that unbuttoned down to there.   She was the one who would unbutton our shirt and tie it up under our boobs as soon as we left the house in high school.   She picked out stiletto heels with open toes and wore them with flirty red dresses whose skirts whirled around our thighs when we walked.  As we got older, Trixie matured with me but her style was still unmistakable.  She wore Donna Karan suits without a blouse, glorying in the black velvet push up bra underneath.  If I walked into the office wearing my notorious black leather skirt (pencil thin with a slit up the back) and a black silk blouse, my coworkers would greet me by cheerfully calling, "Good Morning Trixie!".  {cackle}  Oh yes, Trixie was well known and had quite a following.  People knew that if I came into the office wearing a Trixie-outfit, it meant that I was in a mood to either do battle or have some fun.    (and that wasn't all bad because anyone who has played in the corporate world knows that sometimes a little cleavage or leg is fair when a woman needs an edge on a male-dominated battlefield......and Trixie was confident enough to pull it off)

Sadly, Trixie has been around less and less as my health issues have changed my body structure but she's still a part of me.  All I have to do to get her back in the spotlight is play Bob Seger's "Her Strut" and Trixie comes running.  We have a good time reminiscing about the good old days when we weren't good, we weren't old, and it was the nights that mattered most.

There are others of course.  Emma is the one who is very proper and has lovely manners.  She's most often seen at award's banquets and Women's Club luncheons, weddings and funerals.   There are two mothers..........One is just plain "Mother" and she's the earthy type.  She's very bohemian in style and attitude. The other is "Mother M" and she's the one who gives people flashbacks to Catholic school.  She'll whack your knuckles with a ruler in a heartbeat if you step out of line and she has a very sharp edge to her tongue.

Most recently has been the arrival of Dr. Thaddeus Robertson.  {beaming}  We're all so proud to finally have a doctor in the family.  I'd never given a name to the geeky side of me before so it was high time that I formally recognized that part of my personality.  Dr. Robertson is the one who does steampunk minis because he so loves things that have flashy lights and buttons to push and make gurgling sounds when they work.  He's also a bit of a cynic and a smart ass.   I like having him around and in his own way, he fits right in with the rest of the gang.

The list goes on and on but you get the idea.  It's a quirk of mine to name them all and to acknowledge when they take the driver's seat.  Oh, and the one with the weird sense of humor who likes to talk a lot..............that's just Deb.

On the mini side of things this week, I have two things to share.  One is an admirable speaking-out against art thieves by Grimdeva of Cauldron Craft Miniatures.  Drop in on her blog and see what she has to say.  I think all artisans can identify with what she's going thru and respect her taking a stand about it.

The other is my new toy, the Dremel Trio Tool!  It slices, it dices, it makes french fries in less than 30 seconds!  Ooops.  Wait a minute, that's the wrong tool.  LOL!  Actually, I think the Trio could probably do all of that too but its main functions are sawing, sanding and routing all in one tool.  I rushed to Home Depot as soon as I saw it because this is the tool of my dreams.  It does plunge cuts!!  That's the first and best thing, but it's also a scrolling saw which means that there's no more tearing at the wood with a reciprocating saw blade.  Bye-bye splinters!!  I can do straight edges, circles, and free hand designs with equal ease.  It also replaces my plunge router because it has an adjustable base and it sands too.  The handle is articulated with two positions and it's about one third the size of a regular jigsaw.  That means that it's heavy enough to be a serious tool (my mini jigsaw didn't have enough muscle) but it's small enough to fit perfectly into my hands and be easy to control.  Yes, I'm in love with a power tool and I don't care who knows it!!  Between the Trio and my Stylus, I've got just about everything covered all in two tools.  The only other power tool I really need is my bench sander.   I'm a happy girl.

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