Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Good Doctor is proud to announce.....

............The Amazing Steam Powered Rocking Chair!  {cue trumpets to made traditional "ta-da" blare}  Yes, here we have it.  The good doctor feels that not having to rock the chair will save people a great deal of energy and make the time spend in the chair more relaxing, which is the goal of sitting in a chair in the first place. 

The Steampunk Rocking Chair features a steam engine under the back of the seat.  A side effect of that location is that the seat stays nice and warm, even in the winter.  Always putting safety first, Dr. Robertson placed brass weights on the front of the chair to balance the weight of the engine on the back and added a nice footrest so the occupant won't fall out.  There are brass rings on the arms to grip if the rocking becomes too energetic.  All the mechanisms are on the back of the chair and the steam powers the hydraulic steel rockers on the sides.  The exhaust is located on the top of the chair.  Be careful not to put your hand close to the steam. 

To be honest, I'm fairly impressed with what the Doctor has come up with.  I hear that he has plans for steampunk miniatures for every room of the house and has already started on his newest creation.  He's being very secretive about it.  I thought it was going to be a bed but he's dropping hints that it might be something that would go in a kitchen.  

The Amazing Steam Powered Rocking Chair is listed in my Etsy store now so go have a look.  It might be just the perfect new mini for you! 

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  1. Brilliant! The Good Doctor did a fabulous job :)