Friday, October 7, 2011

It's not supposed to work that way

I though that it was bad enough that the bad oncologist didn't call me with the results of my tests, but this morning he had the scheduling department deliver the bad news to me!  Isn't that a helluva thing to do?

Seriously, I got a call this morning from the hospital scheduling department and the nice lady said that Dr F had ordered a "bone survey" study for me.  I asked her what that is and she said it's a test they run on cancer patients that scans the entire skeletal system so see if there are any abnormalities---to put it bluntly, it checks to see if the cancer has metastasized.

Except I didn't know that I was a cancer patient.  I'm still not sure but it's obvious that whatever the oncologist is testing me for isn't a good thing.   He had told me in the office that if the test results were bad the next step would be this bone survey test so it appears his way of informing patients that their test results are bad is to have the scheduling department tell them they need to have something else done.  Or maybe he just doesn't care at all and expects his patients to be oblivious to what's happening to them and blindly follow everything he says with no explanation as to why.

Anyway, I told the scheduler that I fired Dr F and have a new oncologist in a different practice that is still in the hospital network.  She said that it would be best to wait and let the new doctor order the bone survey to make sure the results go to the right doctor and take Dr F out of the loop.

It's amazing.  So far the doctor, two different people in the scheduling department, and at least a couple people at the insurance company know the results of my tests but I don't.  Plans are being made for my future without my knowledge.  I'm telling you, if I felt halfway like myself someone would be getting bitch slapped into next week for this shit.  It's absolutely, positively NOT going to happen this way.   It's still my life and *I* make the decisions for myself just like I have since I started walking and talking.

So the bone survey is on hold until I talk to the new oncologist next Friday.  From what I've heard about her, she believes in strong communication with her patients.  That's good because it means that she and I can work as a team.

|As for the asshole oncologist, his name is David Faragher.  If I ever see him again I'm going to kick him in the balls and then refuse to tell him why.

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  1. Your right, Deb. It's not supposed to happen that way. But you have a new doctor now and it sounds as is you have a good relationship with her and, together, you will both deal with whatever this may be. Having a partner you trust makes all the difference in the world.