Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jailhouse Rock

Rocky threw a party in the county jail,
The Squirrelly band was there and they began to wail,
The cages were a-jumpin' and the joint began to swing,
You should have heard them locked up squirrellies sing!

Let's rock!  Everybody, let's rock! 
Everybody in the whole tree top,
Was dancin' to the jailhouse rock! 

Fluffy Murphy played the tenor saxophone,
Little Foot was blowing on the slide trombone.
The drummer squirrel from Aspen Tree went crash, boom, bang,
The whole rhythm section was the Acorn Gang!

Let's rock!  Everybody, let's rock! 
Everybody in the whole tree top,
Was dancin' to the jailhouse rock!

  Did you know that if you sing that to squirrels sitting in cages on the side of your house, they get reeeeeeeeeeeally annoyed?  Apparently squirrels have no sense of humor unless they're in on the joke. 

We're up to 4 now!  The last one to get in the trap must have been my little Mr Anger Management Issues squirrel.  He hit that cage swingin' his little fists and when the SRS arrived to get him about two hours later, he was still banging on the bars! 

I heard a thunk on that side of the house about five minutes ago which means that we've got another one in the trap.  That makes it 5 now.

Five squirrels in 24 hours!!  What the hell was going on in my attic anyway?  Did they open a nightclub up there?  If they were charging a cover, I want a piece of that.  Oh wait.  What am I going to do with a bunch of nuts and seeds?  Never mind.

The SRS said that one trap had two squirrels in it.  Hmmm.  Some kind of buddy system?  Was there a Chip-n-Dale type of argument about who was going to go inside to investigate first and they finally decided they'd just go in together? 

The SRS will leave the traps up until we've gone three days without any squirrels.  I'm beginning to think that I'm going to be busy monitoring traps for quite awhile!  I thought about asking him to check the company records and see if my neighborhood has been on their "relocation" list in the past.  LOL!

Oh well, back to singing..........

Let's rock! Everybody, let's rock!

Everybody in the whole tree top,

Was dancin' to the jailhouse rock!


  1. oh!!! wonderful pictures. I love squirrels!!
    Funny post as well :)

  2. What are you going to do with the squirrels? Barbecue them? :). I know your squirrels would have been bushier and bigger than ours but guess what? They look very similar.

  3. LOL Get those Furry so and sos!!

  4. What a cute photo! Are you SURE you want to get rid of those darling little critters???