Sunday, November 29, 2009

Final Score: Humans 9; Squirrels 0

After an exciting week, the SRS took down the traps yesterday and wished us a happy, squirrel-free life.   I was almost sorry to see them go.  The SRSs, not the squirrels!  I've talked to either Mike or Perry every day for a week and I'm gonna miss them.  They were always so polite.

The last few squirrels were obviously sent in by the squirrel union to strong-arm us a little bit.  These were some seriously tough squirrels!  They shook the cages so hard that I could hear the rattling and banging all the way downstairs in my studio!  Since none of them got out, I'm sure the squirrels would have been moving onto more drastic measures before long.  It's probably good that the traps came down when they did before we found the head of a horsefly on our pillow. 

Oh, that "catch and release" program that the SRS told us about?  Uh huh, I knew it was a job security thing!  We talked to Bruce's best friend last night and guess what moved into his attic this week?  Yep, he's got squirrels.  Hmmmm..........he only lives about a mile away from us.  I'm willing to bet I know where our SRS released those squirrels.  The real kicker was when he told us the name of the SRS he's using to get rid of them.  Yep, he's made friends with Mike and Perry too. 

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.  But just to be on the safe side, I'm going to send Skipper over to Joe's house for backup.

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  1. Deb, we had the same problem with a packrat. My husband bought one of the traps. He caught the packrat and transported it a few blocks away. It was back the very next day! How to solve the problem? My husband was on his way out to the car to go golfing when he saw a Harris Hawk swoop down and grab the packrat in our front yard! Not pleasant, but it did solve the problem.....