Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Humans 1; Squirrels 0

That's the score so far.  The really nice Squirrel Removal Specialist (let's just call him SRS from now on) came out this afternoon and mounted two squirrel traps on the side of the wall.  He gave me his number to call and explained how to check the traps twice a day.

It wasn't long after he left that I went outside to look at the traps and discovered one of them was full with a very pissed off squirrel.  He's shaking the bars of the cage and yelling things in squirrel that are best left untranslated.   When he saw me he shook his little fist and said bad things about my mother. 

The dogs next door (a Rottie and a Doberman) are having a great time with this.  Those squirrels sit on the fence and tease the dogs constantly.  I hear the dogs barking all the time and when I see a squirrel run by the window with a smirk on his face, I know why.  So the dogs seem to be rather delighted to see the squirrel all locked up.  They're sitting on the other side of the fence pointing and giggling. 

The SRS will be here soon to unload this one and reset the trap.  The traps are very humane.......they look like little jail cells from the Andy Griffith show without the cots. 

The traps will be out for three days or until they quit catching squirrels.  It's kind of entertaining for me to watch it (yes, I'm still bitter about the patio cushions). 

I wonder how long it will take for another fuzzy vandal to find his way into the Squirrel Relocation Program?