Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some decisions are easier than others

I had such grand and glorious plans to put a wrap around porch and a boardwalk on the side of the Brimbles. It would be soooooooooooo awesome. I even had the porch facade from the Willowcrest and all the other wood carefully laid out to make sure that I had everything I needed and that it would work. All that remained was measuring the space for Brimbles on Magick Street to see how much room I'd have.

Turns out it's only 1 3/4". I could have gotten away with 2 1/2" and used some optical illusions to make it look wider than it is but 1 3/4 is just a little too narrow for a board walk. Another thing I noticed while I was moving things around and measuring is that all the other houses are landscaped on the side that faces the street. Brimbles would look just a little out of place with a boardwalk.

So it' s on to Plan B where I make a small herb garden instead! Sarah Ann thinks that's a better idea since Wise Ways advertises their fresh herbs and it's only natural that she'd have an herb garden out back. There will even be room for her bammy-gilly tree. It will just look so much better with the landscaping of the other houses too so I'll roll with the changes.

I still want to put a boardwalk on the side of the Brimbles. It would just look so totally cool! The solution for that is that I'll just have to build another Brimbles! I've always thought that it would make an awesome old west saloon! I could put it next to my ghost town stage stop and start a whole new street. Since I love ghost towns, this makes perfect sense. I'm excited now about building a Brimbles as a saloon with a bordello upstairs, a mirror behind the bar and tables with card games in progress. The one closest to the door will have a hand of aces and eights of course. I'll put a hitching post outside and landscape with tumbleweeds. Hmmm. As long as I'm making a saloon to go with the stage stop, I should probably make a hotel and a blacksmith shop too.

Time to go back to work. I have everything painted except the walls and Sarah Ann wants me to finish those so I can wallpaper upstairs tomorrow and start putting everything together. I think she's eager for me to start on the parquet floors. Oh! And another happy thing! I found a smoking stand to go between the wing back chairs in the research room! It's those little things that mean so much.

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  1. Yeh another Brimbles to look forward to! A saloon bar would be brilliant, Check out Sassy Mini dolls blog , Marsha has amazing saloon dolls! Kate xx