Saturday, September 5, 2009

A mini celebration!

Actually, every day is a party when it involves minis! I think we celebrate our joy in life with the little things we make, but sometimes it turns into a party. I had an accidental celebration the other day when my muse suddenly felt like doing something with a bit of color and sparkle. My muse loves sparkly things. Anyway, I got to digging around in my fabric stash and ran across some Hoffman's prints from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I can't remember if these were part of a Hoffman's challenge in the 90s or not. I think they might have been. I had several prints from the collection and used them in an art quilt called "Moon Over Mardi Gras". MOMG took best of show at two exhibits and I think it was just because it was such a fun piece to look at.

The man in the moon is done in needle turn applique. His mask is outlined with gold embroidery and instead of quilting around the moon, I used crystal beads. There are some enameled charms here and there and lots of star shaped sequins in the background. The confetti fabrics are beaded with bugle beads in matching colors. It was just a lot of fun to do.

When I ran across the remnants of those fabrics, I grabbed them up and thought what a great mini bed they would make! After rummaging thru the drawer of silks and satins, I found the perfect emerald green satin to use for the sheets. I used a white washed bed frame so the colors in the fabrics would really pop. For some reason, a neatly made bed didn't seem right, so to give it the right tone, I rumpled up the sheets and named it "Morning After Mardi Gras".

Of course I had to have sparklie things on this bed! The fabrics have the Hoffman's signature gold worked into the design and I used gold loop trim on the throw over the foot of the bed, but I had a need to bead. Making a pile of Mardi Gras bead necklaces was easy to do and then I tossed them over the bed posts.

When it came to the pillows, I used the confetti and ribbon prints for the smaller pillows but for the big pillows, I fussy cut two masks from the larger print in the collection and was delighted with the results! The final touch was to drape some bead necklaces over the pillows.

I like it! My muse is satisfied with our use of color and sparklies too. Most of all, I got to have a little mini celebration!


  1. Deb this is just fantastic! I love the idea of the completed and lived in look!

  2. This looks fabulous! I really like the colors you've chosen. Great idea and design!