Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I knew I forgot something.......

I just realized that I've been rambling on about Magick Street and haven't shown any pictures of what I'm talking about. It would probably make more sense if you could see it, huh. These are the houses that started Magick Street. The Glencroft (left) is home to Percutio the Wizard and the Orchid (right) is where Maharet the Witch lives. They've got a thing goin' on. Oh, and Percutio has a pet dragon named Phideau.

I fell in love with bombay mahogany combined with antique white on this house. The interior is focused on the woodwork from the ceiling beams to the shiny floors. The windows are all stained glass and use assorted sigals and pentacles for the designs. Percutio is a ceremonial wizard.

In between the two houses is a small, romantic cemetary. There is a little wrought iron lamp post by the gate, but the grave stones look best in the light of sunset.

Maharet is more of a hedge witch.....a true wise woman. She's very grounded in the elements and most of the time she's a nice witch. However, judging by the frog on the front porch reading the Wall Street Journal it's probably not a good idea to give her bad financial advice.

Maharet's greenhouse.

This is how some of my dollhouses are displayed in my living room............the Victorian street is on the tables and Magick Street is on the floor under the tables. (there are 9 more dollhouses scattered thru my house but these are the primary groupings) Our house is a tri-level and these houses are the first thing people see when they come thru the front door. I've yet to have a visitor make it up the stairs to the living room without stopping to look. Anyway, you can see the arrangement of Magick Street with the Glencroft, the Orchid, the rgt shoppe (Wise Ways Emporium) and the Aster (Emerald Fairy Cottage) in a row. You can also see that the current building for Wise Ways just doesn't fit in at all. All my other houses are back opening and the front opening stands out like a sore thumb. That's why Sarah Ann and I have been so eager for the Brimbles to be re-released. Brimbles is side opening so the other houses will be moved down closer to the fairy house and Brimbles will go on the end so the side and front are both visible.

Here's how the houses look from the back. (you can just barely see the fairy cottage interior hiding behind the arm of the love seat) The Victorian street from left to right is the Beacon Hill, the Willowcrest and the Pierce.

But I'm not addicted. LOL! I'm really eager to get Wise Ways moved to its new store so the whole street looks perfect.


  1. Its PERFECT as it is Deb. I HAVE to show hubby this!! My houses are spread around , I sneak them in all over the house but to have them all set up as a street is amazing. You are so lucky, they look incredible! Have clicked to enlarge the image and will be checking it out all day, theres so much to see and take in. Thanks for putting on piccis today, Kate xx

  2. ! Qué maravilla!. Me encantaría ver tantas juntas casitas, como debe disfrutar. Felicidades es muy afortunada usté.