Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A lazy day

 Sometimes you just have to slow down a little bit and take a lazy day.  It's not a day off, just a day when I'm going to move a little slower than usual.  Translated that means that instead of moving at turtle-speed, I'm going to slow down to a snail's pace.  

I've been pushing hard to finish the shingles on the Pierce mainly because I'm too OCD to have blank spaces on that roof staring at me accusingly.  LOL!  But with the shingles done except for the top row and the ridge cap, I feel comfortable enough to step the pace down a notch.  It's rather enforced since my body is rebelling today but whatever the reason, it's nice to slow things down a bit.

My hubby has a pot luck at work tomorrow and the theme is my very favorite.........southern!  Obviously I only have two choices, either homemade biscuits or pulled pork.  Since I don't want to get up early in the morning to make a double batch of biscuits, I opted for the pulled pork instead.  There's a 12 lb pork shoulder butt simmering in bbq even as we speak.  Later tonight I'll go pull it all and send it to work with Bruce tomorrow.  The last time I did that he came back with an empty bowl that looked like it had teeth marks on the edges. LOL!  Apparently southern style pulled pork sandwiches are an unknown delicacy here in Denver which is why I make my own.  The only bbq you can get in this city is doused in ketchup-based sauce.    Not that I don't like a good bbq sauce, but pulled pork is all about the flavor of the meat.  I can imitate it fairly well here in the city, but we do have the red sauce imported from Paducah Kentucky.  I'll send along a bottle of it with the pork tomorrow.

I have a set of drapes in the pleaters that will be dry later on.  I'm not sure if I'll do much more with them today or not, but at least they'll be pleated and ready to work with.  The fabric is a deep red Moda marble that I adore.  In miniature it looks like velvet.  These drapes are going over the outside of a bay window and will have gold trim with tasseled tie backs.  Very old victorian and elegant.

That's pretty much my goal for the day.  I've been catching up with friends via phone, email and social networking which is always a good day.  Later on I plan on snuggling in the recliner with a bowl of popcorn and playing Mah Jong on TV.  We have DirecTV which I love because they carry the Game Lounge.  Lots of games to choose from and all of them can be played on my big screen tv using the remote control.  To be honest, it's the only thing I've found that will make me sit still and rest.  It's just enough distraction to take my mind off the pain and that's usually the biggest challenge for me when I try to just sit down and rest.  I get so restless that I'm bouncing back up and off to do something else.  Keeping busy is my pain management but that can sometimes backfire and cause more pain in the end.  So I'm really thankful that DirecTV has the Game Lounge on the days when rest is necessary.

With Dixie Manor B&B almost finished, I'm starting to get that itchy feeling to see how it all completed.   It's kind of like reading a book and getting to the last few chapters.  You just can't put it down!    All that's left to do is painting the roof, touching up a few little things here and there and the landscaping.  Well, there will be the packing part.  That's going to take at least three or four days to get it ready to travel!   But I do so want to see it finished soon!  The shingles have added a lot of character to it and once I get them painted, it's going to really come alive.  The landscaping is my favorite part.  It's like the cherry on the sundae that I always saved for the last bite because I liked it best.  LOL!  I'm already visualizing the flowers and greenery in my mind and it's going to be beautiful.

Oh, the picture at the top is a sneak peek at Dixie Manor.  That's the dining room.  I love that light fixture, especially with the wallpaper my client selected for that room.  Combined with the "clover honey" shade of woodwork, it's a beautiful room!

   I believe I'll go pop the corn now and snuggle in the recliner.  Napoleon loves it when I do that because he thinks I'm behaving as a decent cat should.  He curls up in my lap and purrs approvingly while I play games.   

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