Monday, February 8, 2010

A fairy tale come true!

I have a new favorite dollhouse!  I watched this house go together and talked to my friend Tracy Topps while she was building it so the love started quite awhile ago.  When Tracy first told me about her idea for the tower and the other details of this house, it literally made me swoon.  Just look at it!  It's amazing!   There are more pictures of this gorgeous house here and believe me, when you see the details, you'll fall in love too.   I'm always amazed with Tracy's stonework and this house raises the bar even for Tracy!  But the landscaping is what fascinates me.  Every time I look at it, I see something new.  The little brook is so delightful with all the plants and things.  It looks so realistic that I feel like I'm being transported into a new world.  The interior is just as cool and it's even wired with lights.  Can you tell that I'm in love?  Tracy put so much of herself into this house and she created a new masterpiece!

I'm not sure how she is able to part with it and for awhile she kept this house a big secret, only letting a few people see it.  She just put it up on the market for sale here.  I was stunned when she said she was going to sell it, but Tracy is like me and feels that every creation she does is made for someone in particular.  It's like the houses know that there is someone out there for them.  I believe that every person has a soul mate, but I'm starting to think that these houses do too because they sure are insistent about who they live with.  Anyway, Tracy knows that there is someone out there who is destined to own this house so it's up for sale.

I know it probably seems weird for one artisan to promote another artisan's work instead of their own, but I can't stand the thought of the owner of this house missing any more time with it.  It's kind of like a lost puppy.

So, the word is out now and I hope that I get to hear the details of the joyous meeting when the new owner and the fairy tale cottage are finally together.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if that happened on Valentine's day?  That would be a real fairy tale come true!

Tracy Topps' Store

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