Monday, June 1, 2009

About that Tudor........

Just in case anyone was wondering if I left that poor Tudor with a bad haircut, I thought I'd better let y'all know that he came thru the experience just fine. I didn't want anyone to report me to the APTAOD (Association Preventing The Abuse Of Dollhouses). The tiny tudor is tickled to pieces with his comb over. I really like the color scheme of this little fellow too. The house is a pale green with dark brown trim. Everytime I look at it, I get the urge to go find a box of chocolate mints. I may have gained five pounds during the short time it took to build this house!
I've been away from things for about a week after spending a weekend doing yardwork. Doing yardwork doesn't sound like it's a bad thing and it *shouldn't* be a bad thing, but my hands don't always like it when I do things that require their participation. They rebelled by going numb all the way up to the elbow and refusing to cooperate with anything at all for several days. I spent a great deal of time talking to them about their role in life and how important it is that they work with me. It's not like I had anything better to do since the damned things were just going to sit there in my lap and refuse to move. They're behaving a bit better now but I'm going to take them to see my rheumatologist this week. That alone should scare them into submission since the last time I took them there, they got hooked up to something that looked like a car battery and zapped a few times. According to Pavlov, that little exercise should have discouraged them from misbehaving but apparently my hands don't understand the concept of negative reinforcement. Maybe I should send them back to college. Naw, they'd just doodle instead of taking notes just like they did the first time.
Mini thanks to MiniMadWoman for the tres cool awards! I'm so happy! You like me! You really like me!!! You can't see her, but MMW is giggling over that line.
So I finished three quarter-scale fairy houses today and that put me in a good mood. I'm looking forward to the next project which is going to be Victorian elegance at it's finest. I'm waiting for the needed supplies to arrive so I think I'll work on a couple of living room sets to take my mind off of stalking the mailman. He gets so nervous when I jump out from behind the hedges as he's coming up the sidewalk. It's so annoying when he screams like that.

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  1. hahaha! I love your sense of humour even with a bad hand day, you can make it cheery :). I also love how your Tudor is turning's become a fairy hideout! Beautiful work :).