Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greenleaf Spring Fling!

What's better than a Cadbury egg and three pounds of chocolate bunnies? The Greenleaf Spring Fling contest!

I love spring because there's so much new life bursting out everywhere. Everything gets green and fresh again. After a winter full of brown and grey, I can hardly wait for things to turn green again.

The folks at Greenleaf are as excited about Spring as I am because it's time for the annual Spring Fling contest. And what is a Spring Fling you ask? It's the best miniature contest ever. Every year Greenleaf releases a new kit with a super low price and invites miniaturists all over the world to get creative. There have been some fabulous entries in the past but this year is promising to be the best ever.

Greenleaf designed a totally new house this year! It's a 1:12 scale dollhouse kit with two rooms and the coolest design for a dollhouse you ever did see. People are already excited about what they're going to do with the kit and they just started shipping out this week! If you hear news reports about mailmen being stalked over the next week or so, you can put it down to Spring Fling.
I've already had a chance to build one of these little darlings and they are such a delight to build! For an expert builder, there's plenty of challenge with all it's potential but it's still easy for a novice to build. That was definitely planned by Greenleaf because this year they've added a junior division of the contest. How cool is that!
To find out more about Spring Fling and how to get your kit and enter the contest, visit Greenleaf here.
I've put together a little slideshow of mine. This one isn't entering the contest since it's going up for sale in my Etsy store this weekend. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Greenleaf Gazette I sometimes get to test new prototypes like this one. Some lucky person is not only going to get a great dollhouse, but they'll get one of the first of these houses ever built.

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