Thursday, February 12, 2009

C'est Si Bon

Fifi is now offically C'est Si Bon, a french tea shoppe. I was so delighted to finish her today! Actually, the chairs are still being stubborn so I have two of them tied to the mini table saw tonight and am sure they'll stop fighting with me soon. But the chairs are all that's left to do and the rest of the house is finished, photographed, added to my website and moved out of the studio into her new home in the living room (yes, she got front and center). C'est Si Bon is open for business!

I must admit that I'm happy with the way this house turned out. It's definitely not my normal style, but it's been fun to work with light and airy colors.

Here's a pic of the exterior of the house and the patio. More pics can be found on my website ( under the "New to View" link.

Gotta go. Fernando is calling from the studio and asking if we can dump the lilac paint and mix up some adobe plaster.

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