Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A win for the good guys

The outrage today reached some seriously epic proportions as Paypal scrambled to release a statement that they were working with Regretsy to fix things even before April Winchell got the call from them. They threw their phone rep under the bus for the whole thing and are doing as little as possible but the main thing is that they've released the funds and the Santa drive can go on as intended. If you helped spread the word, thank you. Not even eBay/Paypal can ignore it when the spotlight is turned on and thousands of people point their fingers at them. The fact that local, national, and even international news services picked up the story didn't hurt. :-)  

As I said earlier, whether you love or hate April doesn't matter.   A big corporation did something to hurt people in need and April and her followers stood up and said that we aren't going to stand for it......and it worked.  Will it stop paypal from screwing over other people?  Of course not.   No one is going to believe that their hearts have grown three sizes bigger today.  But there are 200 families who are going to have a bit of Christmas cheer because enough people had the back bone to stand up and point their finger when they saw an injustice taking place.


  1. Paypal used to be good but now they are no better than any other bank. They force you to surrender personal and confidential checking account information or a credit card before they will give you access to your money. It used to be that you could accept money and spend it with paypal merchants and only needed a checking account to make a withdrawal. Now you can't even do that.


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