Monday, July 19, 2010

Steampunk Day Bed

Dr Thaddeus Robertson has overcome the biggest obstacle for daytime napping.........he's figured out a way to stop time as long as the napper is snoozing in his Amazing Solar Energized Time Preservation Napping Bed.  I'm not sure how it works, but if he could make it in life size, he and I would both retire!

I so want to sleep in this bed!  There are 20 pillows and snuggling down into that much silk would be a dream come true.  


  1. What a stunning bed! Love all those pillows! Actually love everything about it! The colors, the beautiful red material.....against the black iron! And all th egold accents! Beautiful!!

  2. Una puesta en escena genial!!me encanta. Muchas felicidades

  3. I smiled at this!!! you and I have very similar tastes in our fabric stash!! if you look on my blog, Ive just made a gypsy with skirts that would just blend right in :o)it's a wonderful bed, love it!!

  4. Un gran trabajo y una gran imaginacion.
    Es fabulosa!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Fantastic! Love the gold/red theme and the drapes :)