Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Dollhouse Hall of Fame

I'm so excited!  I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming, (which really hurts but no one said reality checks weren't painful).

The first fabulous bit of news is that the Dollhouse Hall of Fame is opening in Cooperstown, NY soon.  The second fabulous bit of news is that I'm in it!    How's that for exciting news!  You can see why I have to keep pinching myself because it just doesn't seem like it can be happening to me.  I was all happy when I heard about it and about two weeks later I called up one a dear friend of mine who is also going to be in the DHOF and said, "OMG, I just realized that I'm an inductee!  I am an inductee, aren't I?  Holy cow, I am!  OMG, I think I'm gonna faint".      I've never been real quick on the uptake but this really took awhile to sink in.

Wow!!  I'm in a hall of fame which is beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of, but to be in the Dollhouse Hall of Fame is enough to make me cry with happiness.   Dollhouses are my whole world.  They've brought me more joy and happiness than anything else I've ever known and to be included in something as wonderful as the DHOF is, well, it's pretty awesome.

There will be a big screen TV running a video display of my dollhouses in the museum and the gift shop will carry some of my dressed furniture and beds and hidden fairy houses.  I've been working on getting some new stuff made for them and I'll add the pictures in just a few minutes.   I think that I'm going to send my C'est Si Bon french cafe to go on display in the museum after I get it re-landscaped to travel.

The DHOF is located in Cooperstown, NY which I think is a stroke of sheer genius because that's where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located.  Stop and consider that for a minute and you'll see what I mean.  {pausing} {listening to the sound of evil chuckling from across the country}  Yep, you figured it out.  How easy would it be to say, "Honey, I know how much you've always wanted to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let's just do it! Let's go to Cooperstown for our vacation this summer."  {cackle}  Hell, you'll be halfway home from New York before the light of dawning comprehension will come across his face as he gives you a suspicious look and says, "Heeeeeeyyyyyyy............"   hehehehehehehehe  The main thing is that you'll both have had a terrific vacation. Hubs will go home happy at having visited the baseball mecca and you'll go home thrilled with having been to the Dollhouse Hall of Fame.    Here's the link for their website (just getting set up) so you can start planning your vacation now. 

Oh, I was going to show you some of the new things I made for the gift shop.  Hang on and let me get the pictures.

This is the Golden Leopard bed.  The fabrics are all silks and it positively glows with energy.

Then there's "Roses at Midnight", black silks and satins with jet beads and gold tassels.  I love it!

This "Spring Garden Bedroom" is one is my favorites because I love doing silk ribbon embroidery.  The embroidery is an original design and it's surrounded by delicate seed pearls.  The layers of lace are hand appliqued.  I decided to go with a full bedroom set of furniture for this one because it's too pretty not to have matching furniture. 

I'd been holding this fabric back for something special.  This is the Blue Delft Floral Victorian Parlor.  The pillows are made of a navy blue textured silk that's out of this world.  Wouldn't this set be gorgeous in a room with a blue delft fireplace?   I bought up enough of this fabric to do several projects because finding coordinating furniture for a blue delft room isn't easy.  I lovingly set the rest of it back for custom orders.

These other two are new but not going to the DHOF.   One is a red and gold modern living room set that has already found a home in an awesomely cool Tennyson and the "Sweet Daisy Mae" bed will be going up on Etsy real soon.  

I've been really into furniture lately!  I'm finishing an order this week and then I'm going to have a little fun with some Wedgewood blue fabric and an oak parlor set and then see what else I can do with some beds.   In fact, I think I'll head to the studio now.  I just had to pop in and share some good news with y'all!  Grab a map and start planning your trip to Cooperstown!


  1. After looking at all your creations, there is really little wonder that you have been inducted. That is such a huge huge deal and I can totally feel your excitement, Deb. You are an inspiration, I will put in my 100000 hours and please accept my most most heartfelt congratulations!

  2. Enhorabuena, te lo mereces!!!!
    Tus trabajos son verdaderas obras de arte, una maravilla!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Oh my Stars! I absolutely LOVE the Roses at Midnight bed!!
    Congratulations on your feature!! :)

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