Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of Napoleon......

You may have noticed that my demented little furry friend occasionally takes over my computer and writes his own articles. I've given some thought of how to break him of the habit and then decided to leave him alone coz he really can be funny sometimes.

So I thought that since you've met Napoleon, I would share a little story about him and his introduction to rolling plastic storage drawers. If you're a miniaturist or a quilter you're familiar with those things. This is what happened when I bought my first one for fabric several years ago:

I came home all excited from shopping today because I found a great stash holder. It's a three drawer unit on wheels......white plastic frame and big, deep transparent drawers. Okay, so little things make me happy but it's perfect for being able to see the stash in the drawers, big enough to hold yards and yards of fabric, and it will roll around the studio easily. So far so good, right?

Wrong. What I forgot is that I share a life with a demented siamese. So, I was happily getting ready to sort thru my stash and start organizing what I wanted to go into the drawers. I pulled out the drawers and set one of them on the floor beside me. It immediately became occupied by the head of a cat. Apparently he also appreciates that he can see thru the plastic so he leaned over the side of it, almost standing on his head so he could look at his own feet. That was so much fun that he had to investigate further.

First one paw, then another made their way into the drawer. That was where he discovered that plastic is slippery and soft paws will slide upon it but claws will not dig in. Since claws are the only brakes a cat has, that sent him flopping into the drawer in a rather undignified manner but he made it.

Have I mentioned that Napoleon gets really upset when we laugh at him? In normal cat fashion, his proper response to humans laughing at his folly is to shred something. Now that he was in the drawer, he realized he could see the carpet under him. Giving me one of those wicked-cat looks, he extended his claws, stretched out his feet and got ready to shred the carpet.........only to find out his claws slipped and slide on the plastic.

For a moment, he was disconcerted at this failure to rip up fiber, but then he realized that it felt good on his feet so he did it again.

At this point, I had a cat doing a demented tango in a plastic drawer, a pile of fabric sitting beside me and was no closer to an organized stash. Ten minutes later, he finally got tired enough to stop dancing around inside the drawer and get out. He put his right paw over the edge on the outside of the drawer and discovered he could see it. Being a cross-eyed little siamese, he doesn't often believe what he sees until he touches it, so he lifted his left paw to bat at it.

Napoleon sometimes forgets that gravity works and if one removes both front paws from the ground at the same time, one will fall down.

With perfect cat attitude he decided as long as he was laying down, he'd just take a nap in this nifty drawer.

Okay, let's start this story all over again. I came home from shopping today all excited coz I got a really cool stash holder. It's got two drawers. I also got a really cool cat bed.


  1. LOL so funny Poor little Napoleon slipping and sliding in the drawer.

  2. Haha......Too funny! Cats are always good for a laugh aren't they. Thanks for sharing this story with us!!! LOL

  3. I can picture it ... too funny!

  4. I am laughing so hard that i am crying! I can picture the setting all too well since I live with two demented Siamese cats!

    Does Napoleon play fetch too?

  5. That is great if your drawer got Napoleon's approval. I don't dare laugh at my cats either, cats really do understand everything!